Nelson Balka Clothing

"NB" or Nelson Balka Clothing, is a street chic international lifestyle brand inspired by a mix of American and European cultures based in the U.S. 

Nelson Balka is a luxury brand created by American designer and entrepreneur Rashid Floyd.  

Using the name of his beloved late grandfather Nelson Balka, Mr. Floyd founded and established NELSON BALKA CLOTHING in the spring of 2009. Mr. Floyd credits his sense of style to his late grandfather. Born in 1913, Nelson Balka the man was synonymous with class, style and sophistication. Mr. Floyd interprets his classic and unique style to create a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, fashion forward male socialite.

The unmistakable and timeless NB logo is a staple of the brand that will be recognized the world over. With the creation of the website NELSONBALKA.COM; it allows NELSON BALKA CLOTHING to aggressively expand its reach to consumers and retail networks in the United States and soon internationally.